Quizfest 2021

Posted 31 Aug, 2016 02:40 AM by Ryan

Quizfest will be on October 16th, 2021 at College Church University Avenue. Material covered will be Romans chapters 1-7 and there will be 2 divisions (Experienced and Novice) available.  Registration will open around September 1 and the deadline will be October 10th.

Quizfest is an Open Invitational - teams from anywhere can attend.  It will be held on October 16 at College Church in Kankakee and will cover Romans 1-7.  More information to follow.  There are usually dozens of teams from several states, and I hope we have a great representation from the Illinois District.  These Open Invitationals help teams improve, help motivate quizzers - and we'll be making a special effort for the quiz to help teams get going in the early part of the Bible Quiz season.

We also have a new director this year! Karl Tabor has agreed to direct this quiz.

Karl writes, "A few of you know me, some do not.  I found the Lord and started Bible Quizzing as a teenager at the old Carbondale Church in 1978.  I went on to the University of Illinois, to Chicago, out west to Casper, WY and to Colorado Springs - and have just moved back to Marion, IL.  I've spent all my adult years involved in various roles in the Bible Quiz Ministry (40 years now!)." 

There will also be a special emphasis on memory verses for this invitational!

Karl Tabor
Tournament Director
773-552-6579 (cell)
Todd Olson
Field Quiz Director
920-903-7575 (cell)
*Note: much of this post was transcribed from an email by me (Karl Tabor) to those involved in the Illinois District Bible Quiz Ministry, which is the reason for those references - I don't know why the 2016 date, unless it was just a full re-write of a blog post made that date instead of a new post*
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