Quizfest 2022

Posted 04 Aug, 2022 08:44 PM by Karl

Live Stats for the tournament can be found here.

Quizfest 2022 will be held on Saturday, October 22, at College Church University Avenue, by Olivet Nazarene University.  Material covered is Acts 1-10.

Registration is open to local teams only.  Registration opens at 9:01 pm on Thursday, September 1, 2022 - and closes at 10:16 pm on Sunday, October 16, 2022 - both times are Central Time Zone.

Registration Costs:

$40 - Varsity Team

$30 - Junior Varsity Team

$5 Discount/team - Multiple teams from one church

$10 Discount - First team to register - discount refunded on site - two different teams will receive registration and distance discounts.

$10 Discount - Team coming the farthest (from church to church, by googlemaps) - discount refunded on site - two different teams will receive registration and distance discounts.

$10 Discount - If your church has never come to Quizfest before... or has not come in the past 10 years.  This will be granted to each team that qualifies.

Once registered, mail registration check to:

Karl Tabor / 4584 Route 37 / Marion, IL  62959

Division Guidelines:

  • We plan on two divisions, if we have sufficient registration in each - Varsity and Junior Varsity.  Award quantities will be balanced by divisional registrations.
  • These are recommendations, not hard and fast requirements.  We do not plan to force any team into one division or the other.  Coach's option.
  • We suggest that most quiz teams should quiz in Varsity.
  • If at least two quizzers on the team do not fit into the Junior Varsity definition, the team should quiz Varsity.  With only one Varsity quizzer, it is appropriate for the team to quiz in Junior Varsity.
  • The team of any quizzer who has at least once made their Field quiz-off for Field Quiz Teams - should quiz in Varsity, even if their team-mates would otherwise be in Junior Varsity.
  • Principal reasons to be in Junior Varsity (and if good enough, even these could quiz Varsity):
    • Quizzers are first year
    • Quizzers are in grades 6-8

Lots of quizzing.  Olivet scholarships awarded in Varsity Division only.  There will be awards for top teams and top individual quizzers - and for top memory verse scorers - all in both Divisions.  We hope to help quiz teams get off to a good start in the Book of Acts.

Please note:

  • Housing - TBD, but hoping to make this available
  • Lunch - Walking Tacos by College Church Youth Group, $8, purchase at check-in
  • Covid Policies: TBD - College Church currently has no requirements.  If this changes, we will announce policies as they become known, and teams should cooperate.

Questions: Karl Tabor / karltabor@hotmail.com / 773-552-6579

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